College Strength is a company founded by college students Alex and Andrew in 2016. They are both highly passionate about strength training. Alex currently competes in the IPF (Powerlifting) and Andrew is bro-ing out trying to get as big and strong as possible (NATURALLY).

But, as college students devoted to both academic and career-based success, they noticed the need for reform within the fitness industry. They saw an industry that was only concerned with the margins available rather than the people behind the order numbers. College strength was created to be an edifying resource that allows young people and college students to have access to realistic experiences and fact-based knowledge without having to spend hundreds of dollars.

We offer affordable powerlifting coaching, free training programs, great nutrition advice, blogs and podcasts of our wealth of experience and a bullshit free perspective of the fitness industry. Our aim is to unite the strength world and allow everyone to gain access to the success and happiness that can be found in strength training.