Steroids and Strength

The most controversial topic of powerlifting and strength sports, or just sports in general tbh!

Now there is a broad range of opinions and perspectives on the use of PEDS in sport but, let me lay out my thoughts and explain the rationale behind them to give you some perspective.

  1. Don’t Be A Drug Cheat

So this is the crucial element of it all, to be honest. There is a difference between using PED’s and cheating. In powerlifting, the IPF is drug tested to WADA standards ensuring that athletes at the top of the sport are tested in and out of season to ensure the sport is “clean”

Other federations including the IPL, WRPC etc are untested meaning that they do not test for drugs at all.

My opinion on this is: do what you want just don’t let this fuck up anyone else.

So if you want to take drugs take them just don’t hide it, compete in a federation that does not care and compete on a “fairer” platform.

This means never ever compete in tested if you have ever purposefully taken PEDS. I don’t mean a little bit of weed or failed a test because of a pre workout I mean actually done a cycle of PEDS to give you a performance advantage in the sport.

2. Be Open About it

By this I mean talk about it, you don’t have to clarify exactly what you are taking or how often. But when you have the opportunity to be open and honest about the fact you are taking PEDS. It can muddy the waters in regards to absolute strength in tested lifting if there are a significant amount of lifters competing in untested that claim to be clean.

Additionally, this does not lead people to be detracted from competing in the sport because of the usage of drugs.

3. Don’t indoctrinate

I am sure that there have been occasions in which you have heard a knock on your door and been met by someone trying to sell you something or force their views/beliefs on you. Not to offend anyone but this is incredibly irritating. But, this isn’t just an at home issue it happens in gyms all over the world too. Not just with training programs or equipment but even more dangerously with drugs. It is not just the drugs themselves it is more the mindset and mentality associated with it. You will often find that a considerable number of people that use performance enhancing drugs believe it is the only way.

The only way to get big or the only way to lift x amount of weight. If on your first day in the gym you tell someone that you want to squat 600 and they tell you the only solution is steroids then despite your best thoughts it is difficult to repress these thoughts as we see so few people reaching this level of strength.


So to conclude do what you want, just be considerate of others as your way is not the only way and that applies across the board.


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