IPF Worlds 2017 Preview

If you know me then you know that I am extremely passionate about drug-free powerlifting. Some would say I am an IPF elitist, don’t get me wrong I enjoy all lifting but in my opinion, drug-free lifting at the highest level with the strictest judgement is the best powerlifting has to offer so IPF Worlds is the pinnacle of it all.

But, I think that Raw Drug-Free Powerlifting is really starting to hit its stride. IPF Worlds in 2016 was good but it left something to be desired. I feel like this year could really present some excitement and not just in the 83kg class across the board. So let’s get to it. For the purpose of this article, I am just going to touch on weight classes that I think will be the ones to watch.

Women’s 47KG

This is by far one of my favourites Heather Connor is one of the best up and coming lifters in the USAPL right now and in my opinion, she is set to dominate this class. She is not nominated first, however, Rantala the N0.1 nominee does not regularly compete in this weight class and thus the weight cut might be damaging. Additionally, Connor’s huge deadlift could also give her a tactical advantage at the conclusion of the meet. Definitely, one to watch.


Women’s 52KG

Okay, so I said I was just going to mention a few but this is another one with potentially a huge level of excitement. Despite, the gap in nomination totals Craven has been pushing her training hard, hitting similar weight squats to Inda and closing in on that deadlift. The only issue may come ibn the bench press and the Russian Golubeva is certainly not one to rule out.


Junior women’s 84KG

This one is exciting not because it will be largely competitive because barring any misdoings Melo should destroy the competition her nomination is 60KG over the 2nd. But, it will be incredibly exciting to see what numbers she will be able to hit based on her huge training lifts a 200kg squat and 220kg deadlift is definitely on the table so something exciting to watch.


Men’s 74KG

One of the most insanely stacked classes on the list, with Hubbard moving down from 83 and Atwood continuing to hit insane bench numbers this is going to be an insanely exciting to watch. To be honest, I could not tell you who is going to win, based on nominations the Norwegian has it. Based on my opinion I really think that Hubbard is capable of putting on a really good performance based on more time to effectively recompose his bodyweight and adjust to his new size. Regardless, it is going to be an insanely competitive session with some potentially exciting outcomes.


Men’s 83KG

So this is going to be a huge anticlimax after the events of 2016. But, it is going to be interesting to watch Brett lift in an almost expo like setting as he is so far ahead of the nominations and based on his training a big big big bench might be on the cards.


Men’s Junior 83KG

Okay so the open 83’s might be lacking this year, the Juniors certainly will not be, with Noriega and “Duece” Gruden going head to head, this is going to be a sure thing for the USA in my opinion but which lifter will take it? I am excited to see the outcome and the potential wr that could come out of this class.


Men’s Junior 120KG

I am not a big fan of junior powerlifting, I certainly feel like removing some of the divisions in the IPF would increase the competitiveness and be more attractive for competitors on the whole.  Regardless of that, there are going to be a lot of competitive weight classes at worlds and this is certainly going to be one of them. Honestly, anyone of the top 5 nominations in this class could be victorious. I personally think that if MacQueen can hit the numbers that he has been putting up in training he will take the day. However, if Nazelrod or the Ukranian can get anywhere near his squat they might take it. But, this class is the one to watch in the juniors and there could be fireworks all throughout the day.


Men’s 93KG

OOOOOh it is hotting up by this point in the meet. The excitement is flowing and the weights are moving. This is where things start to get interesting. I really hope that David Ricks can take this class. He is one of my favourite lifters and I am hugely excited to see if he can expand his world record squat any further. I think it is likely that the young Ukranian will take the competition with his huge deadlift, if Ricks can pull big he will likely come out on top but, it certainly will be and exciting spectacle.


Men’s 105KG

THIS IS THE ONE! If you watch no other powerlifting next week make sure you tune in for this one. There are going to be broken world records all over the place, I mean Kryzstof’s nomination is above the current world record total. And the others in the class are within kilos of the current single lift records. I think if Manuel and Blevins bring their best on the day the record will bounce back and forward. In my opinion, Kryzstof is likely to claim the day especially as his deadlift has been blowing up over the past year and he has a 15KG advantage in his nomination total. However, if Blevins, Manuel and Lewis can show up and hit big squats and benches he will be on the backfoot and anything could happen. I personally think the day is Kryzstof’s to lose but it is going to be an interesting fight regardless.


Men’s 120KG


How could you not watch this session? Ray Williams squatted 1051 his last time out destroying his previous world record. I think Ray is going to definitely cross the 480KG mark in the squat and potentially even hit 400KG in the deadlift. I could even see him pushing the squat over 1100 considering his recent progress and off season training. This is potential insane Blaine Sumner the current world record holder in single ply has hit 1,102 could Ray match this in just sleeves and a belt? We will have to see! Branton and Uepa are going to be hot on his heels pushing him in the bench press. Regardless, I do not think anyone is going to touch Ray in the squat or total, nevertheless, it will be an awesome session.

I think that 2017 worlds are going to be an example for the potential dramatic expansion of powerlifting that we can expect to see in the coming years. With Thousands of young lifters pushing the boundaries of the sport, it is only a matter of time before our perspective of the sports changes. I am hugely excited for the meet and I can’t wait to see the results.







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