A Meet In review

So another one down, a little more progress, a little more pain and a little more mental toughness developed.

Honestly, if I had to sum the meet up in one word I would say irritating.

Irritating because I know I can do better.

Irritating because of bad calls.

Irritating because I let that get under my skin.

I totalled 1405 weighing in at 221 okay not so bad but not close to my capabilities. If I went 9/9 and had the meet I worked so hard for 1500 was there for sure.

But, let’s break it down, why did I not walk away with the total I wanted and what do I need to do going forward to ensure that this does not prevent me from reaching the success I desire.

  1. The Cut

Essentially going into the week of the meet I was 238 and on the day of the weigh-ins, I wanted to be 220 ish. I felt like this would give me the best shot to get a good wilks as well as make weight easily. It went well I weighed in at 221 and managed to get back to 235 by liftoff (24 hour weigh ins) This was nice, but I feel like I was fatigued from the stress of it. Long story short I will be aiming just to cut weight the minimum I need to make weight with the plan to cut harder for nationals.

2. The Injury

Before I get too deep into the over thinking and analysis club let me address the most prevalent reason why I couldn’t reach the goal I wanted.  I messed up my hip last week, got some sciatic nerve pain from a bit of hip shift in my opener practice squat. Tried to mitigate the pain through rest and not doing my deadlift opener before the meet. Ultimately this did not help and probably just cause my CNS to be not prepped for the deadlifts. Totally got wrecked in the meet but it is okay plenty of time to recover.

3. Practice

Historically, the first meet after a while of not competing is always pretty jank. Honestly, I am pretty happy with the way everything meant considering that I have not competed in a good few months. I have just been building and not worrying too much about getting strong. I think that doing this meet and testing out all of the changes that I have made in my form, has boosted my confidence. Knowing my squat depth is perfect and my bench pause length is good. I am really excited to see where this goes for me.


Overall, I am very happy with the progress I have made and I am beyond excited to progress and hit 1500+ in August time to grind.

Watch the video review here




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