Finding Your (Second) Home

If you are reading this, there is a strong chance that like me you are in search of a new gym to call your home. Now outsiders don’t see this as important and even your family might find it quite tough to comprehend the importance of this aspect of your life.

But, it realistically is one of the biggest decisions in line with finding the right place to live and the right vehicle to drive. Other than the place you live or work this will be where you spend a large quantity of your time

So you have to choose right.

After I graduate from University in August, I plan to find an apartment and job relatively nearby to my university, however, it is a big transition in relative location and thus an even greater transition in training environment. For the last 3 years, I have been consistently lifting at my university campus rec. I can fairly say that this was not an optimum experience and I would recommend avoiding this if powerlifting is important to you! But, not having a car made it difficult to train off campus so this was only an occasional luxury!

However, going forward I want to be part of an environment that is going to bring me up. Think of a time in which you progressed the most in any element of your life, it is highly likely that you were surrounded by people that were able to lift you up.

Training in an environment not geared towards bringing people up, ie. places that are more focused on creating a profitable business structure over providing people with their goals is not somewhere that is going to be beneficial long term.

So that brings me on to the centre of this post, finding what is important to you in a training environment, I am going to outline the important elements for me personally.

  1. Environment

I need a space that is welcoming of heavy lifting and has a supportive environment to help boost me up!

2. Security

I probably plan on purchasing calibrated kilo plates in the course of the next couple years cost permitting, and likely an Ohio Power Bar in the next few months at the very least. So will need an environment where this is possible.

3. Equipment

I want a Gym that has great powerlifting equipment. As I mentioned the plates a bar can be easily rectified. But, the benches and racks can be problematic and I will not be purchasing racks and benches for the gym anytime soon.

So the solution, check out a variety of gyms…

So far I have not found any viable options around my area. I plan on checking out others when I have the chance to do so. Or if I am not able to find a permanent solution I plan to create my own home gym. The major drawback being the loneliness and lack of accessory equipment.

It comes down to preference, a bunch of people like training in a 24-hour fitness. But, I want competition specific equipment and a positive environment to maximise my progression. In addition, the important element of powerlifting is to enjoy the journey in powerlifting as every day is not meet day! So take my list if it applies to you, or find the values that reflect your goals and find your (second) home!




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