5:00 AM

The shrill siren of an alarm shatters the delicious peace of dreams for a few, but the majority rest enjoying the wonderful nothingness of sleep.

You drag on your clothes, brush your teeth, mix your pre-workout, grab your bag and it is out the door.

You drive to the gym, and you begin your day. Grinding through rep after rep, set after set lifting more weight than you ever thought you could, but relentless being driven forward by your desire to lift more. You realize you will never be strong enough, but you carry on understanding that progression is everything.

You return home, the feeling of satisfaction in your heart. But, it fades quickly. You shovel down calories like it is your work. Get changed it’s off to the next challenge.

Class, work, meetings, food, homework, food, studying food. You travel through another day pushing yourself to your physical and mental limit to achieve everything that you want.

This may sound like a lot, but this is the price of success.

You do not pay in money, but with time. Most people seem to overlook the value of time. it is the most limited commodity, you begin with roughly 80 years or so at your disposal. The clock starts ticking and regardless of how rich, famous, important or influential you are the clock never runs backward. Success if not handed out, there are no shortcuts regardless of how you define success there is only one way to get there…hard work.

Roughly 2 years ago I decided to change my life. All I could see in my future was a failure. I drank too much, I slept too little, I rarely did homework, I didn’t have a job and worst of all I had no goals. I wanted to be successful; sure but so does everyone. At the end of the day ask any child what they want from life and it involves money or happiness. But, the sad part is only a minuscule amount of people on this planet ever achieve either one. People get too tied up in taking the easy route, folding their cards because the bet is too risky, refusing to stand up and fight because laying down is easier. I am sure that many people are content with mediocrity, and that is fine. But, I would much rather end my life knowing I did everything I could to achieve everything I wanted and I laid all my cards out on the table.

That is why I changed, I realized that success is easy to achieve you just have to be relentless. I started waking up at 5 going to the gym and doing as much as I could every day to assure my future success. I am not writing this to share a dramatic transformation or success story that has occurred because of my lifestyle alteration. But, I do want to share the benefits of my hard work, by pushing the boundaries in everything that I do, I have been able to progress further than I ever thought I would I am going to continues to work as hard as I can to keep pushing forward and hit all of the goals that I want from life.

Ultimately, accept that you have to let go of some things in favor of the goals that you want to achieve and success does not come without hard work and determination, so get to work!


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