Think about the first time you rode a bike. When you first started you needed those training wheels to keep you stable, get you through those potholes and give you the confidence to speed up. You hit a bump and it throws you off, knocks your confidence and threatens your progress. But, you come back

You hit a bump and it throws you off, knocks your confidence and threatens your progress. But, you come back, you speed up the training wheels can come off now… you hit a bump but its okay you got this! You go faster and faster until the bumps in the road don’t even matter anymore, you can pedal harder, break harder and turn sharper without being fazed… nothing throws you off… this is momentum.

More often than not we do not see powerlifting as a sport in which this applies, doing your reps faster rarely makes them easier.

Nevertheless, it has its place in powerlifting…specifically in training. Think about the best lifts/meets you have ever had, whether it was a PR or just a smooth lift. What played into it? Maybe you slept well, maybe you ate well, but, more than likely you built momentum into that day.

Consistently and constantly pushing harder and performing well helps you, much like the bike example you will grow and improve and overcome the issues that you faced before. But, it is difficult and there are many elements that comprise the building of the momentum to ultimately allow you to reach the success you desire, so let me break it down.

  1. Consistency.

Get yo ass in the gym! But, seriously get in there and find a routine. Whether you make your own program or follow that of a coach be consistent with your programming and this will help you to reach your goals and set a solid base to prgoress from continuously.

2. Lift responsibly

This is easily the most important part of building momentum. You cannot fail reps! I mean eventually, you will of course. But, the longer you can go without failing the greater the momentum and the confidence that you can ascertain. Also, lifting in a slightly more attainable range helps you to prevent unnecessary fatigue and ensure that your workouts are valuable as often as possible.

3. Eat+Sleep+Water=Strength

Might be a little bit of a complex formula. But, this is an essential formula to success in powerlifting. I can’t think of any 3 things that have transformed my ability to progress than these few factors. Eating 4000 Cals + sleeping 6+ hours and drinking 2 gallons of water have helped me to improve. And even a 10% improvement in feeling can add up to a lot of pounds to your total. If you are like me and you want that big goal total (1500 for me) every single pound counts!!!!!!!!!

So there it is a few different concepts in this article. But, the takeaway is to find a consistent program and achievable routine for you to follow and then keep hustling towards your goals and remember strength has no limit!


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