Barriers to entry

Throughout life, there are always challenges that you face in order to progress to the next level. Personally, I have faced many challenges to reach my current position. Being the only person of color in a predominantly white area, not being the most intelligent in school, not being the fastest when I played sports, being overweight, not being the strongest, being too tall for powerlifting but, a touch too short for basketball…

But, throughout all of that, I progressed and I keep progressing. Always forward, crush one goal and onto the next one, until I have everything that I want. See the biggest challenge you will ever face is not the barriers that society places before us, but the barriers we place in front of ourselves. We always tell ourselves we cannot achieve certain things, or we are not good enough, or not strong enough, or not smart enough, or attractive enough…

The reality is none of those…

Determination is the only requirement to success.

I have got the things that I have as a result of my hard work. Consider it in terms of powerlifting; I could make all kinds of excuses as to why I am not a world record holder. I am tall so squatting is difficult, my arms are long so benching is tough, I have only been lifting for a couple years so I am not that strong, I am a student so I can’t afford expensive supplements or eat the best diet, I have a busy schedule so having enough time to sleep properly is rare. All these damn excuses don’t mean shit at the end of the day I did not reach a 600-pound deadlift by complaining about the barriers to my success, and I did not make a 1400 total by sitting around waiting to be given my strength.

I earned it, every pound corresponds to hours in the gym, gallons of sweat, a plethora of programs, a multitude of wrist wraps, knee sleeves and lifting belts, millions of calories and days of sleep.

See I take nothing for granted.

I have worked relentlessly for everything I have and I will continue to do so until I have everything I want in my life. Ultimately, there is no secret to success. You have to pick your target and keep shooting until you hit it. Which reflects the other key aspect of succeeding: failure.

Sometimes you aim for a big PR maybe it’s a 4 plate squat or an 8 plate deadlift, it is no different a new weight you have never hit and one that will lift you further than you have ever been. A pr is success incarnate. But, like all success, it is underpinned by failure. More often than not the first time you go for a big PR you fail… the first time I tried to squat 405 I dumped it into the rack, the first time I tried to bench 315 I dumped it onto my chest and the first time I tried to pull 585 I almost passed out…  success is rarely linear. But, failing and realizing your mistakes can help you learn from them and ultimately help you grow to push through barriers you never thought you could.

There will always be barriers, there will always be failures, but you can push past them if you believe you can, with determination nothing is truly impossilbe.



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