Drug tested isn’t always drug free…

If you are a big fan of strength sports, or perhaps sport in general. You have probably heard about the recent IOC drug retest failures.

This is problematic, especially for strength sports. A lot of the failures were in Olympic weightlifting.

Okay so it is not powerlifting, but it is a close equivalent. And more significantly, it is tested at the absolute highest level by WADA. Yet, a significant quantity of the failures slipped through the cracks of drug testing.

IWF is drug free, IPF is drug free…

But, drug tested is not always drug-free.

Before I get into this, let me make something extremely clear. I could not care if you take drugs, it is no skin off my back. But, I do have a problem if you take drugs and claim to not do so. There are a bunch of non-tested fed’s go compete in them and don’t discredit or prevent clean athletes from succeeding because they do not want to take drugs.

So I guess that leads me onto my main point. Drug tests don’t prove anything. If you have enough knowledge about taking drugs or playing the system you can survive a drug test. If Olympic athletes at the top level are taking drugs and not getting caught in original testing, then you can bet that it is happening at a more local level in powerlifting.

Ultimately, it is kind of irrelevant whether or not people are taking drugs in your federation or not. It is ultimately about you and your own progression if you want to cheat that is your prerogative… I just fell like it is ever more important not to compare yourself to others. Have role models, aim to out lift them but don’t hold yourself to them. Set your own standard and reach it. People are going to cheat at every level, just live to your values and become the strongest you possibly can.





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