Strive for Great but accept Good enough!

Greatness, we all seek it, yet few of us ever achieve it. I am a great believer in striving to always be better, but sometimes this gets in the way of achieving anything at all.

This applies to most things, think about your work-life a lot of the times seeking a dream job can stop you from finding a job that makes you happy in that specific moment, I don’t mean to stop seeking the dream but, you have to stay in the moment and be happy with what you have at the time.

You can think about this with lifting as well, a lot of us have goals of looking like this:

Image result for arnold schwarzenegger

or lifting this much:

Image result for yury belkin

and that is clearly a great goal, who doesn’t want to win Mr¬†Olympia or deadlift 900+ but, in order to reach success, you have to switch focus from just achieving the long-term goals. Instead aim for more short-term targets, building upon one another until you achieve the overarching achievements you desire.

I mean it’s cool to want to squat 800 pounds, but, it is going to be hard to achieve that unless you can squat 700. So I guess the takeaway would be to aim high but also be aware of the steps you need to reach that goal on the way!




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