Learning from the best: Bryce Lewis

I know it has been a while since the last edition of this series, but, I felt it was pertinent to revisit and talk about another hugely influential member of the powerlifting world: Bryce lewis.

Bryce is a USAPL and IPF record holder, as well as most recently 2016 Raw Nationals 105KG Champion. He is a dominant force in a stacked 105KG class up against giants like Eli Burks and Garrett Blevins in the U.S and Stephen Manuel and Bryce Krawzyck on the international stage.

It is fair to say his recent performances demonstrate how truly great he is as a lifter. However, the purpose of this article is not necessarily about his most recent triumphs but the failures it took him to reach this point.

Bryce has been competing in the USAPL for a long time, he is still Califronia State Jr. Deadlift record holder in the 93KG Class. In 2014 Bryce began his surge to the top of USAPL, starting in the 93’s he struggled to bring his best performances onto the platform, finishing 4th at Nationals that year. Just a few months later Bryce produced a career best, slaughtering the 100KG class at Colorado state Champs with a 777.5KG total. But, by May he receded to 740KG at the Arnold.

A lot of this can be credited to shifting weight classes, Bryce clearly was more adept at a higher bodyweight. Ultimately, he made the decision to move up to the new 105KG class improving his total by almost 100KG in a year. Cementing his place at the top level of powerlifting, unfortunately, he was beaten out in 2015 nationals by Blevins and Burks, but, it is hard to say that Bryce wasn’t extremely competitive.

Now Bryce is a world famous powerlifter, he will be competing at worlds in 2017. He is one of the TSA coaches and has helped to revolutionize the way that powerlifters approach programming and has created a thoughtful approach to powerlifting.

Clearly, his programming and vast knowledge and experience are all things that influence his success. But, the biggest is determination and resilience. Shot down many times, he could have turned away and quit. But, he stayed strong made a change and refocused allowing him to achieve so much success and revolutionize the way that many people see the sport of powerlifting. As a huge proponent of the sport, I am so happy to call Bryce a brother in Iron and I look forward to seeing everything that he will achieve!

The strength Athlete

Bryce’s records 


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