If you are keeping track of my progress, you will know that I recently competed at USAPL Raw-Nationals alongside the big dogs like John Haack, Ray Williams, and Jen Thompson. It is fair to say that I was thoroughly humbled by the experience. But, it also re-ignited the burning passion I have for the sport and reminded me of the extent of human potential. If Ray Ray can squat 1,005 why the hell can’t I hit 700?

Regardless, of my fleeting dreams of the future. I decided to put pen to paper so to say and get to work. That is why I decided to start working with Chance Mitchell. He is a seasoned elite powerlifter, and an up and coming coach. I felt that his training style and methodology would be adept for me. So we began working together last week. After completing the first week of training I can certainly say sub maximal training is no joke. It kicked my ass. Lifting that amount of volume, at lower percentages generated more fatigue than I even imagined.

But, the most interesting element is how strong you feel. You are never on the border of your limit. There is always a little more in the tank. Meaning that your mental potential is unlimited. I am so hyped for eventually testing out my maxes in a few months. But, the experience of sub maximal training has been supremely unique for me. And I hope I continue to enjoy it as much as I have been. I would recommend trying it regardless of your level of proficiency in the sport. And remember Strength has no limit!


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