The Comedown.

After any big moment, event, vacation, transition or period of excitement in your life a period of calm reflection usually follows. I mean that’s why we call them peaks. The peaks in our lives are made so significant by the valleys that succeed them. Life cannot be 80 x 365=pure joy.

80 x 365=pure joy.

It would be ridiculous. You need periods of transition to create clarity from all the confusion that the world throws at you. Recently, I competed at USAPL Raw Nationals. It was a great event in many facets. And it was a great opportunity for the College Strength team to get more involved and engaged with the world of powerlifting.

All in all, it was a big weekend for all of us. It left me feeling excited and invigorated for the next phased of my powerlifting journey, reminding me that I have a long way to go and a lot to develop in order to reach the success I so deeply desire.

But, I also felt empty. I have been working for 12 weeks around 3 months focused on this goal. A goal which really could not provide me with any value other than memories and experience. I returned home to feel tired, and confused. Which way is up? and how do I get there…

Luckily I had 3 exams this past week which contained my focus. But, it reminded me of the importance of goal setting. I lead a very busy life, but the only thing I always have time for is thinking, morning, noon and night I think. About anything and everything. Most of the time I dream of standing on the podium one day listening to the British anthem as Gaston crowns me king of the IPF.

But, having no intermediate goals leaves you deflated and motionless. There is no direction and no impetus to get there. I recently made the plunge and decided to take on a coach. I felt like I needed some more direction with my training and a true separation of coach and athlete. We will see how this turns out, but, for now, it has helped me get some level of direction in terms of programming at least.

I am excited for 2017 as I feel like it will be the year I crush my lifetime goals of a 1500 total and a 315 bench, but only time will tell! Patience is key. I am going to work even harder than I did in 2016 and continue to push towards the glory that I so vehemently want! So set short-term achievable goals, get structure and remember that strength has no limit!


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