Road to Raw Nationals: Best day ever!

Unless you are living under a rock, you will have inevitably heard about Raw Williams Squatting 1,005 over the weekend, what you probably do not yet know, is that not only did I have the pleasure of meeting the man himself, I also competed at the very same meet!

While I did not remotely encroach on his unbelievable feat of strength, I had a very successful meet and put myself in a great standing for the year to come.

I totaled 1,332 a 107-pound meet PR improvement from July. I squatted 451 a PR, benched 275 (Meet PR) thought I had some more there but 292 proved too much. And finished out the day with a 606 deadlift(6 Pound PR and 41 meet PR) So progress across the board. Not quite what I wanted but maturity and sensibility are what create big totals.

I probably could have squeezed 5 pounds on my bench and 10 on my deadlift but going 8/9 is solid and provides me room to improve at my next meet in April.

Overall, the best part of the event was not only competing and improving on all of my personal bests but being on the national stage. The meet was so well organized with 5 platforms and 15 warm-up platforms if you are a lover of calibrated plates this was heaven on earth.

But, the biggest take away is competing is fun! There is a huge caveat to that, it is only fun if you succeed. Success, is measurable in a variety of ways, for me hitting PR’s and going 8/9 was hugely gratifying. Managing the platform was key to this, having my man Andrew there to handle made so much difference, it is hard to be focused and also considerate at the same time and gaining access to another person to do that for you is transformational.

So enjoy the journey, its the best part. But, crossing the finish line is so satisfying whether you came in first or last. Powerlifting is a holistic pursuit and it takes time so be patient, conservative and passionate and you will certainly succeed. The Road to Orlando 2017 begins…



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