Step back to move forward…

Taking a break from anything is really tough, especially the gym.

But, honestly, the most important key to progress is knowing when to take it easy. This means that there are going to be some days when you take it easy, some weekends when you have to concentrate on recovering. Even more importantly there are going to have to be de-loads or light weeks.

I am sure by this stage in your lifting career you have probably experienced some form of a plateau, especially once you reach the intermediate stage of lifting you cannot progress in a linear fashion unlimitedly. You have to take a step back, collect yourself, rest effectively and prepare for the next onslaught of training.

That really is just considering the physical side of things. If I am being honest the mental side of things is significantly more draining. Currently, I am in my taper week before I compete this Saturday at Raw Nationals. It is tough to train less, and not push myself in the gym. But, I can see past that, understanding that meet day performance is reflective of ability to recover is the most important thing for success. Spending time visualizing and plenty of time occupying your mind with other things is essential.

Even for those just getting into fitness taking breaks is essential. One of my clients has recently been on a higher intensity program, pushing heavy singles with squat and bench every week. He has made a lot of great progress hittPR’spr’s almost every week. But, fatigue and niggling pain start to set in, picking up some shoulder tightness and knee pain. 12 Weeks of pushing is more than enough and once you reach that point it’s essential to take a step backward for future success. This honestly applies to a lot of elements

This honestly applies to a lot of elements pof life. Sometimes you have to take a pay cut to reach the position you really want. At the end of the day no one cares about where you are at right now, people look at you as the total of your accomplisments so be concerned about your future success and not neccesarily right now, especially while you are young!! And remember strength has no limit!


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