Road to Raw Nationals: Meet Week

I can’t believe it is here, 12 weeks of pain and hard work and I have reached the week of the meet!

To be honest, the best part is that there is no pressure. Obviously, I have my goals hit a 1400 total and finish inside the top ten, but for the most part, there is really no threat of me being remotely competitive on Saturday.

My main goal is simply to gain from the experience, leave everything I have on the platform and have a good time. If I am 100% real I cannot wait to be done competing this year, it had been tough. This will be the third competition in 9 months, which is a lot, especially when you space them out as poorly as I did.

Doing a meet in April and then immediately following that 6 weeks later barely gave me any opportunity to actually get stronger and just left me with a sub-par performance at the 2nd meet which was actually relatively important. Creating a yearly plan would have allowed me to circumvent this and effectively prepare for a more efficient competition schedule.

But, looking back and being hyper critical is not the purpose of this post. This post is more concerned with the motivation or lack thereof that you experience in the final lead up to the meet.

I am so physically and mentally exhausted! I have never pushed myself so hard for anything! And it is pretty interesting how motivated I have been throughout this prep considering that I will most likely not be taking any medals home!

And this speaks of something much deeper. Powerlifting for me is 0% about winning, I mean I am super competitive and winning is important for me. But, powerlifting=Self Improvement and that is truly greater than anything else. I know what I am capable of and I will continue working until I reach it, regardless of where that leaves me!

Ultimately, Powerlifting for me is true joy. Pushing myself and growing as a person is far more pertinent and enjoyable. I hope that one day I can be a success in the sport, but, like i mentioned becoming great by myself is much more important. I can’t wait to fuck shit up on the platform on Saturday and show everyone what College Strength is about! If you are going to be at Raw Nats hit me up I definitely want to take advantage of the networking opportunity that this event is! So check out the live stream at and remember strength has no limit!




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