Cognitive Disonance

Training is difficult. Training for a specific task even more so! But, the most challenging element of training is not the actual heavy lifting… the HARD part is the mental aspect. Being consistent with training and maintaining confidence throughout a training cycle and especially in meets is so difficult.

But, cognitive dissonance refers to the inconsistency. That in truth is the most challenging part. Not consistently believing in yourself or the progress that you are making towards your goals.

Personally, I look at my training from a macro perspective. Next week I will be taking the platform for USAPL Raw Nationals, but, I am already planning my training starting the following week, I know I have a lot of work to do with my squat if I have any hope of achieving my goal of making a worlds team next year. So by considering things from a long term perspective it allows me not to become too focused on the right now and see everything as a small piece of a much greater picture.

Recently, I have been struggling a lot with staying in the zone in my workouts especially in the last few weeks leading up to the meet. Squats and bench have been feeling super slow and difficult. Probably, because I have been under recovering and suffering from elbow tendonitis that makes all of the reps difficult. Combined with that I have been sick the past few days so that definitely does not help anything.

Nevertheless, I have to realise that at the intermediate stage of powerlifting consistency will be rarer. Additionally, the entire point of peaking is to strip away all of the superfluous work and fatigue leaving you with well-revealed strength on meet day. Yet I have been super demoralised and that does not help anything. If you are reading this you’ve probably experienced periods of low motivation and difficulty with the mental side of training. It is essential to deal with it, preventing the issue from snowballing into a larger mental block that prevents your progress long term.


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