Going Haam

Check Instagram on any day, you can see some dudes throwing around big weight and getting really hyped up to lift. This is great and it definitely gets me going. But, one must realize that this is not the entire picture. Too often people see the 60-second clip on social media and think that is the requirement to achieve success.

I love going Haam, especially in the lead up to meets. Getting fired up and throwing around weight is the best part of lifting. But, doing it day in day out will screw you up. Over time you will acquire so much fatigue.

This leads to further issues, injury, poor technique development and poor performance on meet day. Go haam but do it occasionally. Be sensible 90% of the time and get fired up and go heavy the other 10%.

You have to realize that the 60-second clip is not a full representation of what is going on. You need to get on a program, whether you create it yourself or have a coach do it for you, it helps to formulate a routine which will progress you towards success.

Focus on goals and progression towards it, gym PR’s are irrelevant at the end of the day! And remember strength has no limit!


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