Powerlifting is a holistic pursuit

Brian Shaw the strongest man in the world, lives a demanding lifestyle. He consumes thousands of calories a day, works out several times in a day. Rests for many hours a day and sure as hell makes a lot of sacrifices to achieve everything that he does. Clearly, he is extraordinary. He can deadlift over 1000 Pounds and make pretty much any weight look like it’s fit for a child.


Many people would think he is crazy. However, I disagree! He embodies success, much like Warren Buffett, Bill Gates, and Mark Zuckerberg. He chose the difficult road. Choosing to make a huge sacrifice to pursue his passions. He understands that success is a holistic achievement and not fulfilling one element will make the other elements useless.


This leads me to the holistic pursuit of powerlifting. Currently, as many of you know I am 2 and a bit weeks out from USAPL Raw Nationals, thus, I am at the peak of sacrifice. I am eating, sleeping and breathing with the primary concern of preparing for this competition. It might sound stupid, I mean it probably is, I am sacrificing for something with 0 guarantee or likelihood of success at the end. But, at the moment it is 100% sensible.


I am definitely of the belief that you should put 100% into everything you do, or you shouldn’t do it. I mean what is the point of competitive powerlifting if you are not going to be competitive.


The issue is, being competitive is hard. You have to make big sacrifices. I can’t drink, I rarely eat junk food, I am constantly tired and sore and most prevalently I am mentally exhausted. That sounds hellish, but, I couldn’t feel any better! The temporary pain and sacrifice I am making now, will pay 10x as much in the future. The feeling of finally reaching that 1400 total, benching 300 and pulling 600 in a meet will be all the gratification I desire. Long term putting everything I have into this meet is going to give me the success and confidence I need to continue to grow within the sport and ultimately compete on the world stage one day!


That’s  just me, though: you need to find your own goals and pursue them tirelessly, sacrificing whatever you need to, in order to reach them. At the end of the day if you fail, at least you know you gave it everything and trust me that is a whole lot better than never trying at all! So work hard, and remember strength has no limit!


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