Positive Realism

Lately, I have been slacking hard on a lot of my responsibilities/commitments in all facets of my life. Partly because I spread myself extremely thin and mainly just hope for the best. But, also because I am somewhat unrealistic in my expectations of activities I have time for, or the ability to achieve.

I am not a huge proponent of being realistic, in the words of Will Smith “Being realistic is the quickest path to mediocrity.” But, there is certainly a caveat to that. Be realistic when it comes to your expectations. I always say hope for the best, but, prepare for the worst. By this I mean you should believe that you can achieve everything, yet be prepared if you do not.

So the purpose of this post is to discuss an interesting realization I made this week. One of my good friends is probably the happiest person you will ever meet. He is also harshly real. The juxtaposition between the two results in an extremely effective approach to life. He believes that things will work out, see’s the good in all things, while also recognizing the challenges that may prevent things from being that way.

Applying this to powerlifting is a truly great thing. I fully believe that I will total 1400 at nationals and PR in all 3 lifts. However, I also fully recognize that to achieve that i will have to face a lot of challenges and the next 4 weeks of my life will be incredibly tough. I also understand that even if I hit huge PR’s I am unlikely to win. This does not mean I won’t try to or hope I will. But, it frames my expectations and thus prevents disappointment. It also alters the lens from which I view the experience, I am going there to Atlanta to do my best, meet some cool people, hit some PR’s and prepare for my next national meet in 2017. You see this mindset does not contradict my desire to be a champion, it simply prevents my mind from running free, from imaging the weight of the medal around my neck or the meets I would qualify from winning. It will allow me to settle for a fun weekend and a nice total (hopefully going 9 for 9) and that is all anyone really needs from powerlifting. So work hard and believe you will win, but, see the obstacles in your way and prepare for them. And remember strength has no limit!


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