Life Optimization

I have been sitting on this post for a while, as it is perhaps less than relevant to powerlifting or strength sports. But, as many of you will know I am studying for a degree in Marketing and I am very interested in process optimisation.

This post thus is about optimising your life. What does that mean? Basically, managing your time. But, not only your time, your entire lifestyle.

As I have mentioned previously, success is a long and arduous journey, therefore, finding ways to make it more achievable and progress faster is in my best interest! From that, though, I have found a few ways to optimise the process that is my life and I thought that I would share them. To preface that it is important to realise that these are just things that have helped me and you have to find techniques that assist your unique lifestyle. This

Sleep comes 2nd.

This seems to be something that most people do not realise, or just fail to acknowledge. Is it coincidental that the vast majority of the “Successful” People in our society claim to sleep under 7 hours a night? Maybe that is just anecdotal evidence, nevertheless. It is a lesson we can learn from. Face it there are 24 hours in a day if you immediately sacrifice 12 of those hours to sleep. You have 6 hours less time in your day than most people. As a student, that is involved in school, trying to start a business, attempting to succeed in powerlifting and still try to find time to enjoy my life. I have realised that sleep is secondary to my goals.

Do what you love first.

Building on the point I just made, sleeping is secondary. Thus, you will most likely have to wake up really early to fit everything in. For me, I wake up at 5.25 AM most days. This allows me to get in the gym before it is busy, and crush some weights!  But, waking up that early is really hard. I have been doing it for almost a year now and it still sucks. But, I make it so much easier for myself by prioritising the things I want to do each and every day. By putting the gym first every day I am motivated to go to bed early and wake up even earlier. This is not the same for everyone, but, find your passion and make it your priority, otherwise, it will never be a huge part of your life.

Make sacrifices.

You must sacrifice to succeed. You can’t have everything, otherwise, life would be totally unfair! So you have to realise that sacrifices must be made. For me, that is drinking, socialising and relaxing. I still do most of them, but they fall last on my list of priorities. So do the important shit first and find time for other things you enjoy later!

Plan, Plan, Plan.

Not sure about you, but not knowing what you are going to do is stressful. Especially, if you have a lot going on and harbour a lot of anxiety like me. So the solution: Write stuff down and plan it out. This applies for powerlifting and life. I have started creating a yearly plan for powerlifting as well as for life in general. If you have a lot of big milestones coming up it can be stressful to prepare for them. So create a plan and stick to it. Keep the stress out of your mind and on paper, it will help you stay sane and focus on the individual task in front of you.

Pursue your dreams and fuck the rest.

YOLO it is an overused and cliche phrase. But, it stems from an essential and pivotal element of life, you only get one attempt. Regardless of your religious or spiritual perspective, we all know that our life is limited. So take advantage of that! Disregard the bullshit and irrelevance. If you are wasting time doing things that don’t help you get closer to your goals, then stop doing them. Never give up on your dreams!!!! So prioritise the things that matter in the long run forget about everything else!

So don’t forget that life is a 1RM and remember that strength has no limit!



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