Road to Raw Nationals 8/22/16

Back again!!! Sorry for the lack of content in the past week, I have been super busy with school etc. :((((((( but I am back and I promise consistent content is coming! On the reals, though, came back from a relatively tough week of training. It definitely had its ups and downs. I managed to deadlift 510 for 5×2 and bench 270 as well as feet-up benching 225 for 6×4 so definitely making some serious strength gains which is nice.

At the same time, I really made a cardinal error this past weekend. I decided to squat on Sunday after deadlifting heavy the day before and squatting for reps the day before. No lie I died. Failing a warm up single at 405 is probably the low point of this year of training. But, to put that in perspective this was my PR less than 6 months ago. It is really difficult to put things in perspective but I am trying to improve at it.

Although, on the other side of the coin my bench is nothing but positive, week after week I am consistently getting stronger and adding even more heavy volume! In addition, I feel that my technique is improving dramatically. My pauses are longer, my arch is steeper and my speed off the chest is faster. I really cannot wait to bench at nationals. Although, I am extremely apprehensive about squats. My progression has slowed to a crawl, so I am seriously considering making some changes to my squatting training simply to allow more recovery and just feel better under the bar.

Being 7 weeks out from the biggest comp I will have ever competed in is pretty daunting. Simultaneously, I am counting down the days until I get to unleash the beast on the platform! The last few weeks have been really enjoyable, started training with a few different people so that’s been really nice, just mixing things up and focusing on enjoying the journey which in reality is the best part of powerlifting! And remember strength has no limit!


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