Why the fitness industry is fucked!


2016 one of the most messed up years in earth’s history, constant terrorism, Pokemon Go is now the most downloaded game ever and fitness has become mainstream.

Clearly, the first two statements are problematic, yet the 3rd seems like a positive why am I complaining. Well, the problem is misinformation. While more and more people are engaging in fitness, consuming information engaging in exercise routines and improving mentally and physically, there is also another side to the increasing popularity and that is increasing bullshit. So much so that I started writing the breaking bro science series to communicate some of the issues I perceive in the industry.

Screenshot (1)Screenshot (2)

As you can see, Instagram coaches like the famous Kayla Itsines have captivated the industry and made bodyweight kale-only diet fads popular. On the other side, I have an example of a far healthier approach to fitness: Silent Mike. He offers relevant advice tailored to a variety of goals while embracing the value and enjoyment found in everyday life.

Don’t get me wrong, I understand that a lot of women want to improve physically, but, consuming 800 calories of kale and chicken breasts and doing box jumps with terrible form is not a healthy or effective way to reach your goals. The reality of these fitness transformation challenges is that they are unhealthy. If your only goal is to transform your body as quickly as possible what keeps you at that point. Personally, I lost around 30 pounds of fat since I started training, I certainly transformed physically but to an almost unattainable point my body fat was so low I was probably damaging my body as much as when I was fat.

I get that body image is important in our society, but, one must acknowledge that health and longevity is as well. My passion for powerlifting comes from, the constant and unlimited pursuit of strength, you can never reach the end, you can pursue it forever and it goes hand in hand with healthy habits. For me, I eat to improve in my sport, so consuming fast food and empty calories is not always ideal. I am by no means saying that powerlifting is the best sport for everyone, but, I strongly believe that in order to actually achieve a healthy lifestyle you have to engage in something that you can pursue for a long time. Lifting weights, cycling, swimming even walking are ways to approach life in a healthy and enjoyable way. Taking part in a challenge that makes becoming anorexic a goal is not healthy.

The takeaway, don’t believe everything you see on Instagram, do your research information is free! Just because one person has success or enjoyment in something that does not mean you will as well. Focus on the things you want from your life and for most people, I believe that is happiness, frankly, I don’t know of anyone that eats half of their daily recommended intake of calories and enjoys it!! So fuck bullshit superficial fitness and seek a holistic approach to healthy living. And remember strength has no limit.




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