Breaking Bro-Science No.8

So if you keep up with the blog or college strength ( which you need to) you will know about my good friend and client Ben. I want to use Ben as an example. Much like me, Ben didn’t begin going to the gym with the intention of becoming a powerlifter, I’m sure that it isn’t something that he will be pursuing in the future.

But, he is a great example of the benefits of training with a powerlifting style. Before we started training together Ben had been going to the gym for a few years. Mainly doing high volume training for football and then later for physique purposes. Since starting training in a more powerlifting style way Ben has made leaps and bounds with his physique but also his general performance in the gym. Being able to lift more weight in general means that you can overload your muscles even more in smaller body building exercises. For example, when I began training I could deadlift maybe 315 and seated row around 120 for 3×10. Now being able to deadlift 600 allows me to seated row 240 for 3×10 after a training session without ever intentionally trying to improve my row.

Bodybuilding and powerlifting are not mutually exclusive and I don’t know why people are so insistent that they are. The greatest bodybuilder of all time Ronnie Coleman is also known for squatting 0ver 800 pounds and I’ve seen videos of Arnold crushing serious weight. Using powerlifting methodologies can help bodybuilders a lot, not only allowing the athlete to become stronger in a range of motion but also more technically proficient. If you can squat 500 for 3 cleanly, then doing 225 for 5×10 will be cake and more than likely you will be able to perform the movement more efficiently than someone who’s 1rm is 315.

On the other side, there is a tremendous carryover from bodybuilding type movements to powerlifting, doing accessories like face pulls and pull-ups has helped me improve my deadlifts significantly they definitely have a place in any powerlifters programming. So the takeaway is that you need to do things you have never done to achieve something you have never achieved. You’re not going to fuck up your training by doing rows or heavy squats so experiment in your programming and embrace a variety of training methodologies in your training to become the best you can!! By becoming stronger you can be like Ben and make becoming bigger a lot easier! And remember strength has no limit!

P.S the featured image made me laugh way too much



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