Powerlifting and happiness?

Powerlifting, in my opinion, is just as simple as having a thoughtful approach to strength. By that, I mean considering a variety of factors and the way in which they impact your progression from a holistic standpoint. That being said while strength training can be a component of a healthy lifestyle, for a lot of people, it is too easy to approach this from an unhealthy mindset.


I am not going to lie, there have been times that I have had a really unhealthy perspective to the gym. The other day, I was suffering with severe gastrointestinal issues and resulting neck pain from sleeping poorly. As opposed, to taking a single day off from the gym I went… Clearly, it did not end productively and I felt significantly worse when I left. This definitely was not the first time I did that and it probably won’t be the last. But, at least I am able to recognize that sometimes I have an unhealthy approach to this lifestyle.


On the other hand, I used to be far worse! Far worse! I borderline had an eating disorder. I was so obsessed with the way that I looked and what people thought of me, to the point that I could not progress mentally without others approval. Powerlifting changed all that, it is the most fringe sport that you can think of. People don’t instantly consider it relevant to their lives, but for me it is everything. Lifting heavy and being entirely focused on your goals is truly freeing.


Only once you let go of all your perceptions of what others think of you, one can achieve progress. Physically and mentally, the entire time I was considering the way I looked, I was neglecting the way I felt. Sacrificing mental health for perceived physical health. The thing is that physical health is almost irrelevant if you are not content with yourself.


Powerlifting provides you with an outlet for your anger, but more importantly a focus. A long term, short term, and almost daily opportunities to progress towards a more distant goal. I think having goals is a critical part to being successful in any facet of life. Having something attainable to work towards can help you to realize the path you must take to get there, in both an immediate and future aspect.
I am certainly not saying that powerlifting will provide you with happiness. But, I think that everyone needs to find something to pursue relentlessly with no ultimate endpoint. Strength has unlimited potential, so even my long term goals are a small element of what is possible. Find your passion, follow it until you reach all of your goals and don’t let anyone stop you! Frankly, fuck what people think, critical people are small minded and jealous. And remember that strength has no limit!


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