Ray Williams IPF Overlord?

438 Kilograms, 963 pounds, the heaviest drug tested squat in history. Ray Williams single-handedly obliterated a world record and a weight class. There are probably a tonne of world class lifters that watched this event and now consider moving down to the 120’s.He is absolutely unstoppable at this point, consistenly builing on his world record total and blowing the competition away. Ray Williams is not only an incredible lifter, but also an incredible face of the IPF. He is the most attractive thing about powerlifting right now, and that says a lot because IPF classic worlds this past week has been a true display of absolute greatness.

With matchups like Gibbs v. Hack, Burks V. Manuel and the stacked 66KG class, there is no questioning that powerlifting is on a steep rise. The video of Gibbs v. Hack has well over 20,000 views on youtube now. That may not seem like much but for a 4-hour video of people lifting weights, that’s significant. It is probably because it was the most dramatic 4 hours of any sport I have ever seen. The huge weight being moved by the 2 titans, combined with the continual uncertainty of the results made for a truly amazing experience. If you haven’t yet watched (https://goo.gl/YsOHcz) it is really something to experience.

But, the drama and intensity of the competition was not even the best part, the progress of the competitors and the excitement surrounding this event was great to see as well. Watching Lepaki Nanai bench 441 with ease was the most inspiring, not because of the great strength or his competitiveness but because of what he has overcome to reach this competition. He is a visually impaired athlete, yet he receives no concessions, still 1 minute to reach the bar, still strict IPF calls but here he is on the world stage.

This is the greatness of powerlifting, and why I recommend it for any interested, it is not about where you come from or how you got here, all that matters is how much weight is on the bar. No one is strong compared to big Ray Ray Williams, but that is irrelevant, powerlifting is about self-improvement and progress, that was made evident by worlds. I am so excited for next year and the many years to come. This sport is growing at an exponential rate, I can’t wait to see what the next generation can achieve in this sport! Congratulations to all the winners you put on a great performance! Check out the other posts for some great advice about starting powerlifting and remember strength has no limit!


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