The Road to Raw Nationals 2016

The road to Raw nationals Part 1


Power-lifting. It’s hard. This year has been good so far for me, a few weeks ago I competed in a local meet at my college. The event was really interesting for me. It did not go exactly as planned, however, I got a lot out of the meet. I discovered that my deadlift was significantly stronger than I imagined. And my mind was in the right place.


So what does that all mean for me? Well my next meet is May 29th 17 days from the time of writing this, I will also, be competing in USAPL Raw Nationals in Atlanta October 11th. My goal is to total 1400 at 93KG at Raw nationals. Right now I am probably close to hitting 1350 at my next meet but we will see how things go in Orlando.


My training has been interesting, to say the least. The past couple weeks have been really up and down. My squat is moving up so quickly, but a few bad sessions here and there have screwed up my confidence. My deadlift is as usual solid as a rock, later this week I have to hit 540 for 2×2 and I couldn’t be more certain that I am going to destroy it despite the huge disadvantage of using hex plates. My bench is unusually also going really well, yesterday I crushed 255 for 4×1 with no spot and considering the best I have hit in a meet recently is 245 I would say it is going pretty great.


With that said I still feel a mile away from benching anything close to 300 again soon, but we shall see I suppose. I still have no idea why I am so terrible at benching compared to my other lifts!
Despite all the struggles and my inability to bench press, I know for certain that I am going to crush the rest of this peak and do great at the meet!


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