So where did it all begin?

Like many teenagers growing up in a social media obsessed world, I was always conscious about my appearance. For a long time in my youth, I played a variety of sports: Golf, Rugby, Tennis, Swimming anything and everything that I could get my hands on.


That’s not to say I was ever very good… but exercising has always been a big part of my life. Golf was my main focus for several years and I had the traditional dream of becoming a professional golfer and obviously a millionaire.


For a long time, this was a struggle but I learned some valuable lessons about hard work and expectation management which have helped me in every facet of my life to this day. But, I hold no regret for the amount of time and money that I invested in this great sport which will always capture a big part of my heart.


As much as golf caused me a great level of pain, it also opened my eyes to my biggest passion… the gym. I first started working out to boost my progress in golf. I began following programs on but my progress was slow. I was overweight and under-motivated. But, I carried on in this direction for a while.


At the same time, alcohol was still a huge part of my life. As for many teenagers! A lot of events in my life helped to put this in perspective. But, the biggest turning point was my decision to move across the pond to attend the University Of South Florida. After going for a year I had begun to develop, transitioning into a student leader and a professional student. The only element that was missing was fitness. I was still chubby, years of alcohol had left me looking lumpy and feeling sluggish. I realized I needed to take a holistic approach to my wellness. I stopped drinking, I stopped eating trash and I started learning. I read everything, I watched everything, I did everything in my power to progress to becoming a better version of myself. At this point I discovered powerlifting. I credit this discovery to youtube. Within 6 months I was at my first meet.


The transition from failed bro to successful powerlifter was long and difficult. The internet is crammed full of bro science and miss information. People believe everything they read automatically assuming that one change will allow them to reach the same level of all these fitness freaks. I want to create something different. My experience competing in powerlifting, becoming holistically healthy, and gaining my college degree allows me to recognize the value of accurate information. I want to provide people like me with the resources that they need to be successful. My training programs are based on information I have thoroughly researched and they are there to help you progress. I created this website to give back to the community that has provided me with so much. I want you all to let me know your thoughts, share your experiences and most of all make gains, both educationally and physically.


The guiding principle of everything I do is that strength has no limit. This principle has helped me to reach all of my goals and is certainly going to help me progress towards my future goals.


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